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100 Things I Learned From "Atonement"

A wonderful collective thread at IMDb...funny, moving, smart. Thanks to all the posters at the Atonement IMDb board! :-)

100 Things I Learned From "Atonement"
100) Libraries are the new bedrooms.
99) Never trust 13 year olds with anything.
93) To atone for your sins, all you have to do is write a book!
92) Think twice before you make a really stupid decision and end up ruining people's lives, even if you're just 13
91) That green dress is insanely gorgeous (I want one!!!)

90) To hell with Keira's green dress! James McAvoy is drop dead gorgeous and...I want one!
89) True love can survive through passionate letters
88) Old school swimming costumes look damn good on Keira Knightley
87) James McAvoy sounds even hotter when he speaks French
86) Fielding is a passionate author

85) Garden fountains can be a hell of a lot deeper than I thought
84) He's a sex maniac
83) Heat makes James McAvoy write 'naughty' love letters
82) Maybe Briony wouldn't have ruined peoples lives if they just gave her a pet or something.
81) Think of Grace Turner, when you see your face on polished silver.
80) Always take along a lighter and/or matches when you go off to War so you can view photographs you have taken along 
79) Things are not always what they seem 
78) It's always the guy with a mustache who did it.
77) Break some expensive vases.

76) Typewriters are musical instruments.

75) Hope the bus never comes.
74) Choctails are for pedophiles

73) It's always important to send your own letters.
72) Sometimes you should just let little girls drown.
71) Contraception is not a worry if you're in love.
70) French people just want to give you food.
69) If a man asks you to loosen his bandages, don't do it.

68) Set things right before it's too late.
67) When watering flowers, always go for the fountain with the hot guy next to it...never go for the sink in the house.
66) Isn't it strange how the best day of your life can also be the worst day of your life?
65) Never hand over an important note to a girl who is viciously whacking away at weeds, and then comes and glares at you over the fence.
64) Don't write love letters while listening to passionate opera music. It will make you think and write obscene things.

63) Be sure to always carry a bottle of water around with you so you don't become delirious during war.
62) You don't have to worry about washing your feet when you're delusional, a vision of your mother will take care of that.

61) Never go to sleep when you're delusional.
60) Never use the word 'cunt' , especially if you are thinking about it all day.
59) Nothing sets a romantic mood like Puccini.
58) You can always atone for past errors by making up your OWN story and publishing it!

57) If you move in different circles than someone else, it may very well mean you are deeply in love with them.

56) Biting a chocolate bar can lead to aggressive sexual behavior.

55) Anything you see from your window is really something else.

54) Finding a shelter in an old subway? - not the safest place.

53) In order to successfully get a small piece of vase out of a 3 ft deep fountain, it is necessary to take off your clothes.
a)Your arm will never reach to the bottom.
b)If you get in with your clothes ON then you'll be completely wet.
c)If you get in with less clothes on and put your dry clothes back over them, they will STILL be wet.
d)But you will have looked EXTREMELY sexy in front of the man you love.

52) Using a mere bobby pin to tuck back the other side of your hair is a brilliant hairstyle! Timeless in fact!

51) Saying 'come back to me' will immediately end all feelings of anger, aggression. It's the soothing replacement for aromatherapy!
50) Never trust a 13 year old with an over active imagination with a private letter
49) Always ALWAYS lock the library door when your in there with the love of your life.
48) Always rehearse a 13 years old's play whenever she wants to.. or else she'll spy on two people behind her bedroom window and ruin their lives.
47) No matter how safe you think you are, at some point in your life you'll be fucked over by an aggravating child
46) You are screwed if you are a soldier and dont know how to sing
45) Redheads are just horny as heck
44) Robbie Turner is not a toff, whatever that is.

43) Most of a town can be without electricity or water and torn to bits but the movie theater will still play shows as schedualed
42) Seventy years later...yeah, running after the one you love is still sexy.
41) Seventy years later...yeah, smoking in film is still sexy.
40) Seventy years later...yeah, being a war soldier in film is still sexy.
39) Always ALWAYS double check the letter before putting it in the envelope.
38) Avoid small girls with big typewriters.
37) Always ALWAYS write a dirty letter to show your confused childhood sweetheart that you want to be more than her friend.

36) Make sure to keep all hairclips on at all times so as to avoid little siblings finding them and leading them to the library

35) That vase is probably the most valuable thing the Tallis' own

34) Not anymore it isn't.
33) Blushing is likely caused by: a) hot weather, b) embarrassment, and/or c) recent sexual exertion.
32) No matter how sexy you look in a tux, or soldier uniform or gardening clothes, you will be 10000000x sexier speaking French.
31) If given the choice to stay in prison or join the army, stay in prison. For the love of god stay in prison.

30) Never trust a man who knows how to make a "choc-tail"
29) That the average audience knows what "septicemia" means
28) That water on the Tallis' property is always crystal clear (garden fountain, river where Briony jumps in)
27) The C-word is the worst word you can possibly imagine.
26) That James McAvoy is a brilliantly charming actor
25) You are NEVER to give a patient your first name. You are your last name, and that ONLY.

24) Robbie sleeps so deeply.

23) When having flashbacks of a painful past, try to stay AWAKE! You may never wake up if you go to sleep.

22) If it's the hottest day of the year, lie unshaded in the middle of a lawn and complain about the heat

21) Household servants/workers can afford a crisp black tux.
20) You need music to inspire you to write a love letter (especially a naughty one)

19) Doing it up against the book case seems more hot than uncomfortable, suprisingly! 

18) The c- word is sexier than the p- word.

17) Atonement is a very hard word to pronounce

16) This movie proves that are still good films out there in this world, but they are a rare treasure.
15) Even if you've been kept from becoming a doctor, carry antibiotics.
14) Don't ever let the bus get away.
13) When you hate someone and think they're beneath you, it's really because you want them on top. ;)
12) Forget the next shift at the hospital when James McAvoy's in town!
11) Smoking and the word c_unt can actually be used properly and sexy
10) Have a Guinness when you're tired. (taken from the bus during the cafe scene)
9) It bores Jackson and Pierrot everything that ends in "O"....like polo and aero...

8) Cecilia thinks she'll make Robbie feel bad by undressing and going into a fountain. And then coming out soaking wet and practically see through.
7) When James McAvoy cries, I (along with everyone else in my theater) cry.
6) Those books-you-can't-possibly-make-into-movies have met their match.
5) You can't say "pass the biscuit" or "where's me hand grenade" in France because nobody speaks the fuckin' lingo out there.
4) Love letters allow lovers to live infinitely and allow their TRUE story to continue
3) DNA testing of evidence was one of the greatest advancements in matters of crime investigations.
2) When the love of your life -- who is serving time for a crime he didn't commit, whose academic potential and dreams of a medical career are forever destroyed, who the whole world thinks is a perv and pedophile, who has developed a nervous tic from years in the pen, whose devoted mother is disgraced, who is on his way to fight and die a thankless, obscure death in a war where he can't even score a medal, who didn't even get to kiss you on the naughty regions that started the whole mess in the first place -- in short, whose life is utterly, completely and irrevocably destroyed because of the confused adolescent fantasies of your jacked up baby sister -- runs insanely after you on a bus, don't just stand there looking cute, HOP OFF!
1) Briony should burn in hell 





HAHA! That is awesome! Kinda nostalgic as well, speaking about the movie, or the book, since I didn't have the chance to read it yet. XD

"Not anymore it isn't". I just love it!
Seriously, it does reminds me of myself. =P

Re: !

Yeah, it's amazing, isn't it? The posters at the Atonement board were very witty! "Not anymore it isn't" is one of my favorites. :D
Thanks for commenting! :)