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Atonement video with Gattaca soundtrack

My friend youbecomeme  made this incredible video for Atonement, and I had to put it here too.
It's really beautiful and dramatic, and what a wonderful choice for the music! And there's still more to come... ;-)


Awww.. thanks, Chris. (Sorry, I'm a little late.. lol) I'll PM you tonight.

Btw, the video just below mine is great... I love the song.
You're very welcome! :)
Yes, I think I told you about the This World Fair video when I posted it here...isn't it amazing? Love the song too!
I've missed talking to you! ;)
Ah, you were talking about the "Goodbye My Almost Lover" video, not the This World Fair one, I guess!
I love both songs, altough the TWF video seems a bit more professional. But GmAL is so touching...it fits Robbie and Cee perfectly!
Yep, I meant the Almost Lover one. :-) The song is perfect for it...

I'm writing you a PM right now!